Kindred Home Care opened its doors in 1986 in St. Stephen under the name "Charlotte County Human Resources" and has since expanded to Grand Manan, St. George, Carleton County, Saint John County, and Kings County.

The province of New Brunswick hires Kindred Home Care to work with some of its clients. Over the course of more than two decades, government standards for care have constantly changed, improving opportunities for children, families and the elderly. We apply the same careful standards of this province to all our clients, including such things as confidentiality, non-criminality, employee training, and employee suitability.

If one thing sets Kindred Home Care apart, and we think there is, it is our commitment to the belief that "one good match" for our home care clients is in everyone's best interest. Usually the elderly feel stress about having several strangers in their home. One good match means that each client can expect to have the same caregiver every visit. Our homemakers appreciate this one good match because it means they have fewer clients, travel less between clients, and work with clients they know well.

Since the mid-1980s Kindred Home Care has also provided family support services to the Department of Social Development. What sets us apart is our willingness and ability to provide the service asked of us. We hire and train a broad spectrum of employees to respond to the needs of our communities.